Speed Monitor SAFEONE DN3PD2

Our SAFEONE DN3PD2 module is suitable for safe monitoring in systems and machines without the need for a measuring system/encoder. Neither proximity switches nor incremental encoders are required to measure the operating status. The module is configured using our GO:BEYOND Software and meets Performance Level e according to DIN ISO 13849-1.

No Sensor necessary
Fits every Switch Cabinet
Configurable with Software


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DN3PD2 mit Zert

Safe Speed Monitoring easy as pie.

Compared to conventional speed monitoring solutions, the compact speed monitor DN3PD2 requires neither proximity switches nor incremental encoders for measuring the operating status. Our innovative solution is the perfect choice for retrofitting as well as planning of state-of-the-art machines up to Performance Level e. The simple installation and user-friendly parameterisation make safety child's play. Just quickly set the most essential parameters using our software, the rest has already been done for you.

General Features

Relais_Diagnose Ausgang-1 sensorlos-1   Betriebsspannung-2 Breite 22,5mm-1PLe-Jun-30-2023-09-43-15-0819-AMSIL3-Jun-30-2023-09-43-15-2116-AM

Safety Features

Parameterisation Software
Hardware Diagnosis/ LED no
Safe Speed Range (SRS) yes
Safe Limited Speed (SLS) yes
Safe Maximum Speed (SMS) yes
Safe Torque Stop (STO) yes
Safe Speed Monitor (SSM) yes
Safe Direction (SDR) no



Technical Data


22,5 mm

Switching capacity up to 5 A
In- and Outputs 2 Relay Outputs (1 Safety Contact) + 2 Diagnostic Outputs
Connection Terminals Spring-loaded terminals, screw terminals

PLe (EN ISO 13849-1), SIL3 (IEC 61508), SIL CL3 (IEC 62061), UL-certified

Hardware-Parameterisation No
Software-Parameterisation Yes
Motion Monitoring no external sensor required
Hardware-Diagnosis/LED Yes
Safe Torque OFF (STO) Yes
Safe Operating Stop (SOS) Yes
Safe Speed Range (SSR) Yes
Safe Speed Monitor (SSM) Yes
Safe Limited Speed (SLS) Yes
Safe Maximum Speed (SMS) Yes
Safe Direction (SDR) No
Muting (bypass) No


General Data

Duty cycle 100%
Protection IP20
Protection class Installation site Switch Cabinet, min. IP54
Installation Site any
Clearance and creepage distances between circuits according to DIN EN 501788
Rated insulation voltage 400V AC
Rated surge voltage/ insulation Basic insulation 6kV: between all current paths and enclosures safe isolation, reinforced insulation 8kV: between U, V, W and USB interface between U,V,W and A1, A2, O1,O2 between U, V, W and 13/14, 23/24
Degree of contamination 2
Overvoltage category III
Housing material/ type Polyamide PA not reinforced/ ME/ Co. Phoenix Contact
Measurements B x H x T/ 22,5 x 114 x 111mm


Input Data

Operating Voltage 24V DC -15%/+10% with reverse polarity protection
Current consumption at 24V DC typ. 80mA
Current consumption U, V, W 0,35mA to 690V AC
Input voltage at U, V, W 90 to 690 V
Cut-off frequency at U, V, W 1200 Hz
Min. PWM 2kHz
Uncertainty of measurement 1%
Switch hysteresis 10%
Power consumption at A1/A2 typ. 1,9W
Status indicator 2x LED 2-coloured
Protection circuit Overvoltage and reverse polarity protection for operating voltage
Acknowledge input Q 24V DC digital


Output Data

Relay Outputs:

Enabling current paths

Contact design Release contacts
Contact Material AgSnO2
Switch Voltage 24V DC/ 230V AC
min. Switch Voltage 3mA/ 24V DC
Max. Switch Voltage 6A/ 24V DC/ 230V AC
short-circuit protection 1000A SCPD 6A gL/gG
mechanical Lifetime 10^7 Switch Cycles
Response time Number of measuring cycles x (period duration (reciprocal of frequency) + max. 2ms evaluation time) + max. 10ms relay response time
Output fuse 6A gL/gG
B10d Values according to DIN EN 61810-2- 1, 2012

AC15: 5A/230V, > 2x10^5

DC13: 4A/24V DC, >3x10^5

AC1: 6A/230V DC, >2x10^5

DC1: 6A/24V DC, >7x10^6 switching cycles

Total current 13-14and 23-24 With parallel connection: 6A With serial connection: 3A
Message Outputs  
Number of Outputs 2 (non-safety-related, digital outputs O1, O2)
Power ≤ 100mA, short-circuit and overload protected
Voltage UBN-1V


Block Diagram

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-10 um 14.22.53

Sample Application

Output contacts for parallel control of 2 contactors whose output contacts must be connected in series

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-10 um 14.33.59

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-10 um 14.34.13


Stop Category according to IEC 60204 0
Category according to DIN ISO 13849 4
Performance Level e
Demand rate < 12 Months
Proof-Test-Interval 20 Years


Usage Category PFHd [h] MTTFd [a] DCavg
6A DC1 2 Switch Cycles/h 5,38 x 10-^9 441 99%
4A DC13 2 Switch Cycles/h 1,33 x 10-^8 198 99%
6A AC1 2 Switch Cycles/h 1,87 x 10-^8 153 99%
5A AC15 2 Switch Cycles/h 1,87 x 10-^8 153 99%


Contact Service Life

Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-10 um 14.44.07



  • Three-phase motor with frequency converter
  • Single-phase AC motors
  • Motors with star-delta connection
  • Servo Motors


  • Woodworking
  • Metalworks
  • Cosntruction
  • Spindles
  • Centrifuges
  • and many more...

Your advantages summarised



No external measurement systems equals less components, lower costs as well as faster Certification and Validation.

Be independent

Can be used on all three-phase and single-phase motors up to Performance Level e, regardless of supplier and system.

Fits into every cabinet

With an overall width of only 22,5 mm.

Tailored to your needs

Each SAFEONE module can be precisely customised to your application. The DN3PD2 module has adjustable speed limits from 0 to 600 or 1200Hz.

Easy Configuration

Dependent on the model, via USB interface on the PC or directly via SET key. In the case of our rotational direction monitor, no parameterization is necessary at all.

Plug & Play

Easy to put into action without a great deal of prior knowledge. Integration into the circuit diagram is also very simple.

DN3PD2 Front