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You need a holistic safety solution with a multitude of inputs to monitor safety functions such as emergency stop, light curtains and safety gates? Then we have the perfect solution for you: SAFELINE VARIO is the compact safety control system from DINA that monitors everything with maximum safety up to Performance Level e or SIL CL 3.

With up to 30 inputs, SAFELINE VARIO is perfect for large machines of all kinds. Fully expandable to up to 15 add-on modules for functional safety applications, the compact safety control is the ideal solution for all safety issues. Whether standstill, position, direction, brake or, above all, speed monitoring, SAFELINE VARIO can handle it all.

In addition, a free, easy-to-use parameterisation software is included with every purchase, with which you can easily manage your safety applications. SAFELINE VARIO is compatible with the controls and safety systems of the most common manufacturers. 


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Machine safety. Without compromise.

SAFELINE VARIO is the most versatile and at the same time most compact safety compact control currently available on the market. With a width of only 45/67.5mm (central module), the multitude of applications in such a small space is unique.
The module is available in different versions, among others with integrated speed monitoring and state-of-the-art comparator function.

Another advantage compared to conventional safety solutions is the independence that comes with our products. SAFELINE VARIO can be connected to all common machine controls and safety components, regardless of the supplier. We do not tie you down in any system, but make what you need possible.

General Features

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Safety Features




Fieldbus Connectivity



Electronic reuqirements

Operating voltage at A1, A2

24V DC, -15% + 10%

24V DC, -15% + 10%

Input current via A1

≤ 4A / internal fuse: 6A

≤ 4A / internal fuse: 6A

Power consumption in W



Weight in gram

350 570


Operating voltage at A1, A2

24V DC, -15% + 10%

24V DC, -15% + 10%

Input current via A1

≤ 4A / internal fuse: 6A

≤ 4A / internal fuse: 6A

Power consumption in W


3,0  3,0 

Weight in gram

450 450


Semiconductor Outputs

Outputs PL IO1-IO4 PLe O1–O6 PLe
Type of Output Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-05 um 09.50.35 Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-05 um 09.50.35

Switching and continuous current Ω/ L

0,1A 1A

Summe Schalt-, Dauerstrom Ω/ L

0,4A 3A
Min. switching current Ω/ L 1mA 1mA


Contact Outputs

Outputs K1, K2 K3 - K6
Output execution Performance level: e Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-05 um 09.57.00 Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-05 um 09.57.00
Minimum switching current 10mA 10mA
Breaking capacity according to DIN EN 60947-4-1/ EN 60947-5-1 AC1: 250V/ 6A AC15: 230V/ 3A -
Breaking capacity according to DIN EN 60947-4-1/ EN 60947-5-1

AC1: 250V/ 6A

AC15: 230V/ 3A

Sum of switching and continuous currents K1, K2: ≤ 6A

K3, K4: ≤ 6A, K5, K6: ≤ 6A

Lifetime at DC13: 24V/ 1A 1,5 x 10^5 1 x 10^5
Lifetime at DC13: 24V/ 4A 10^4 4 x 10^4
Lifetime at DC13: 24V/ 1A 1,5 x 10^5 1 x 10^5
Mechanical lifetime > 50x10^6 > 10^7
Maximum switching cycles with DC13: 4A 360 Cycles/h 360 Cycles/h
Maximum switching cycles with AC15: 3A 360 Cycles/h -
Contact fuse protection 6A inert 6A inert
Short-circuit resistance: Automat. Fuse gG A200A/ B6 800A/ 6A gG 1000A SCPD 6A

Rated insulation voltage

250V AC -

Surge voltage resistance Pollution degree 2 Environment

4KV -
Response / release time typical 15mS/ 12mS 10mS/ 3mS


Environmental Data

Operating temperature -10 +55°C
Storage Temperature -40 +85°C
Vibration resistance in all 3 levels Shock resistance of the output relays Sine 10-55Hz, 0.35mm, 10 cycles, 1 octave /min ≤ 5g, 11ms in all 3 planes.
Connection cross-section 0.25 - 2.5mm2 with ferrules
Terminals Spring-loaded terminals, pluggable
Connection Fuse Only 60/75°C Copper
Casing material Polyamid PA non-reinforced
Protection Class Casing and Terminals: IP20, Installation Site: minimal IP 54
Voltage at the inputs for safety mats I1 to I8: 9.5 to 14V, 11.5V at 24V Safety Mat Voltage
Response time for safety mats < 25ms
Voltage at the inputs 24V DC -15%, + 10%, ≤10% Ripple
Current consumption of the inputs Max. 4.0mA
Input voltage at terminal P at DSV, DRV, SIV, IOV and NIV: 24V DC -15% + 10%
Input current at terminal P at DSV, DRV, SIV, IOV and NIV: ≤ 4A
Input frequency at I9 - I12 on the central module ≤ 500Hz via 2 sensors e.g. proximity switch
Input frequency at I9 - I16 on the central module ≤ 50KHz for HTL signals via incremental measuring system
Input Frequency at DNSL-DSV ≤ 500KHz sin/cos 1Vpp or TTL signals
Input frequency at DNSL-DRV ≤ 1200Hz sin/cos 1 to 10Vpp
Input frequency at DNSL-DRV ≤ 1200Hz sin/cos 1 to 10Vpp
Accuracy of analogue Inputs ±3% of full scale over the temperature range -10 to +60°C
Input impedance of the analogue inputs At 4-20mA approx. 500Ω, at 0-10V > 5KΩ


Drawing ZMV 

Blockschaltbild DNSL-ZMV EN

Drawing ZMVK (Extension)

DNSL-ZMVK Blockschaltbild EN

Drawing ZMVD (Extension DS1)

DNSL-ZMVD DS1 Blockschaltbild EN

Drawing ZMVK (Extension DS2)

DNSL-ZMVD DS2 Blockschaltbild EN


Safety-relevant Parameters according to DIN ISO 13849-1


MTTFd [a]






2,4 x 10^-8




7,7 x 10-^8







2,7 x 10-^8

3,0 x 10-^8


Contact Service Life

Electrical contact service life of the output contacts according to DIN EN 60947-5-1 Appendix C.3.

DNSL-ZMV, -ZMVK, ZMVD K1 and K2Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-04 um 13.22.27

DNSL-ZMVK K3 until K6Bildschirmfoto 2022-10-04 um 13.24.28

  • DNSL-DSV: Drive monitoring for 2 drives with incremental encoders
    (8 safe inputs, 5 safe outputs)

  • DNSL-DRV: Drive monitoring for 2 drives with resolvers
    (8 safe inputs, 5 safe outputs)

  • DNSL-SIV: Drive monitoring for 2 drives with SSI absolute encoders
    (8 safe inputs, 5 safe outputs)

  • DNSL-IOV: In-out module
    (8 safe inputs, 7 safe outputs)

  • DNSL-INV: Input module (16 safe inputs)

  • DNSL-RMV: relay module (2 outputs with 2 safe contacts each)

  • DNSL-FBV: various fieldbus connections

  • DNSL-NIV: Network module & DNSL-CMV: Cascade module enable decentralized set-up

Your advantages summarised

Fully customisable

Fully customisable

A wide range of safety functions, up to 30 inputs and 15 optional add-on modules make SAFELINE VARIO the ideal solution for any machine. You can configure the unit to suit your needs and the results of your risk assessment.

Fast parameter setting & verification

Fast parameter setting & verification

Take advantage of our user-friendly SAFELINE DESIGNER software - pre-programmed function blocks make it easy for you to create applications. We are also happy to create individual modules for your machine.



SAFELINE VARIO can work with any common machine control and safety system. You do not have to worry about compatibility and possible dependency on a single manufacturer. 

Simple diagnostics & communication

Simple diagnostics & communication

With the right fieldbus module, visualisation becomes a breeze. For this reason, we offer a wide range of protocols.

Test it now in a three month free trial!

Together with you, we configure a sample device tailored to your requirements and send it to you for testing. And that's free of charge for 3 months. Simply request online and one of our experts will contact you within 24 hours. Experience how easy machine safety can be.

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